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The Latest Trends in Home Décor and How to Use Them

Home décor trends are constantly evolving to reflect changes in style, technology, and culture. By keeping up with the newest looks, you can easily give your home a mini makeover without a full redesign. This article explores the top décor trends for 2023 and how you can incorporate them into any room.


Natural Elements Stay In

Nature-inspired décor has retained its popularity over the past few years and will continue to play a major role in 2023. More people are seeking to bring the calming benefits of nature into their home through finishes, materials, colors, and decorations reminiscent of the outdoors.

Some top ways to join this ongoing trend:

  • Use natural woven fibers like jute, rattan, seagrass or raffia in rugs, baskets, and other accessories
  • Choose tactile fabrics like linen, cotton, and wool for upholstered furniture
  • Select wood decor items featuring beautiful grains for an organic look
  • Paint walls in rich earth tones like forest green, sky blue or terra cotta
  • Display dried botanicals, geodes, shells, and similar natural collections

Incorporating the colors, textures, shapes and essences of nature is an easy yet impactful way to refresh your home’s style. And embracing real, sustainable materials aligns with many people’s ecological values.

Multifunctional Furniture

Another major interior design trend is furniture, decor items, and organizational tools that serve more than one purpose. With more people working from home long-term, our living spaces need to multitask now too.

Some bestselling examples of flexible, space-saving furnishings include:

  • Ottoman coffee/storage tables with trays or lift-tops
  • Cabinet built-in desks with racks for technology
  • Shelving units with integrated office nooks
  • Modular sectional sofas with pull-out sleepers
  • End tables, nightstands, consoles with hidden compartments

Getting clever and even a little sneaky with furniture that converts, customizes or conceals will maximize usefulness from every square foot.

Modern Traditional Style

An emerging interior design style that combines the best of old and new, modern traditional interiors feature:

  • Traditional architectural details – crown molding, wainscoting, ornate light fixtures
  • Modern color palettes – light neutrals accented by pops of colors
  • Mixed old and new furniture – antique cabinets refreshed with new hardware
  • Traditional patterns on modern materials – toile fabric printed on acrylic furniture
  • Blend of materials – wool, linen, velvet along with performance textiles

The overall effect bridges vintage charm with up-to-date colors, functionality and durability. Modern traditional style allows you to honor the past through favorite heirlooms and timeless craftsmanship, while still looking current.

Statement Lighting

Lighting serves both practical and aesthetic roles within interior design. And more people are having fun expressing their personal style through eye-catching light fixtures in entryways, kitchens, bedrooms and more.

On trend options include:

  • Vibrant, colorful pendants and chandeliers
  • Marquee letter lights spelling out witty phrases
  • Neon signs, shaped tubes lending a retro glow
  • Sculptural 3D fixtures making art from light
  • Smart technology like voice-controlled LEDS

With the right statement light, you can easily shift the look of an entire room without replacing any major furniture. This is an easy, relatively affordable way to refresh a space.

High-Vibe Color Combos

While vibrant accent colors continue trending, more holistic color pairings are also growing in popularity. Light, bright hues and soothing neutrals align with core values like optimism, joy, calm and balance that many aim to cultivate at home after recent turbulent years.

Some top feel-good color combinations for 2023 include:

  • Sunny yellow and tranquil blue
  • Vitalizing green and comforting cream
  • Uplifting peach and quiet gray
  • Energizing red and soothing sand

Color wields an undeniable psychological impact. And curating our home’s palette based on the mood or emotions we wish to experience can be deeply rewarding.

Geometric Art Deco Details

The resurgence of Art Deco style continues ripening as a longer-term trend. Clean lines, geometric shapes, and sleek symmetry define this visual language originating from 1920s Paris. We’re spotting Art Deco references popping up across home furnishings and accessories:

  • Octagons, triangles, chevron and sunburst patterns on textiles
  • Glossy lacquered cabinets with bold horizontals
  • Metallic accents – brass legs, chrome frames, hints of glam
  • Structured seating – rounded club chairs, tufted barrel backs
  • Stark black and white color combos with a pop of color

For those wanting décor with a distinct graphic edge yet timeless appeal, Art Deco sets a sophisticated scene. The structured shapes and luxurious sheen adapt well into glamorous, modern and even minimalist spaces.

How to Implement the Top Home Décor Trends of 2023

Refreshing your home décor no longer requires completely redesigning or expensive, labor-intensive renovations. By cleverly incorporating some of 2023’s hottest interior design trends into any room, you can elevate the style easily. Follow this guide to learn simple ways to embrace the most popular looks.

Add Natural Elements

  • Switch out synthetic fiber area rugs with natural jute, seagrass or wool versions
  • Top tables with stone, wood, rattan or ceramic decorative accents
  • Display your favorite rocks, crystals, shells and dried fauna
  • Choose linens, cottons, cashmere and wool for plush pillows + throws
  • Select furnishings with beautiful authentic wood finishes

Curating natural textures and bringing in actual objects from the outdoors creates peaceful, grounded spaces. This affordable nature-centric refresh aligns with sustainable ideals too.

Incorporate Multifunctional Pieces

Take inventory of the functional needs in a space then source furnishings providing maximum utility through flexibility, customization or hidden storage.


  • Hang a wall mirror that doubles as lockable cabinet for safekeeping essentials
  • Choose a storage bench with lift-up seat to stash shoes, pet supplies
  • Opt for a skinny console table with drawers to sort mail, keys

Living Rooms

  • Select adjustable height coffee table for working or lounging positions
  • Find an ottoman box that opens for blanket storage
  • Add a media console with customizable racks, nooks to organize devices

Home Offices

  • Install modular wall bookshelves with space to integrate desk
  • Opt for a convertible sofa bed for extra seating + sleep space
  • Find a desk featuring a hidden printer nook and file cabinets

Taking measurements and assessing lifestyle needs will reveal plenty of ways to get necessary functions from furnishing doing double or triple duty.

Mix Traditional with Modern Elements

  • Preserve any existing quality vintage furnishings through careful restoration
  • Reupholster heirloom chairs, settees and headboards in updated fabrics
  • Refresh inherited cabinets and dressers with new hardware pulls
  • Blend your favorite traditional oriental rugs with contemporary abstract prints
  • Display family photos in a digital frame combined with modern art prints

Honor the past and your personal history through a thoughtful mix of new, old and renewed décor. This creates spaces exuding heritage and community alongside up-to-date style.

Make a Statement with Lighting

Big lighting shifts can come from small swaps that pack visual punch.

  • Suspend a vibrant sputnik-style burst over your dining table
  • Backlight open shelves to highlight favorite collectibles
  • Outline doorways and architecture with LED strip lighting
  • Install sconces featuring interesting organic shapes or materials
  • Create ambience with color-changing WiFi-enabled bulbs

For relatively little investment, statement light fixtures and special effects make rooms pop. Don’t be afraid to take risks that fully express your style.

Cultivate Feel-Good Color Palettes

Add effortless harmony and positive energy through considered color combinations.

Tranquil Touches

  • Periwinkle blue and soothing sage green pillows
  • Eggshell white and latte brown ceramics
  • Chalky gray and warm sandstone art prints

Joyful Brights

  • Golden honey and verdant chartreuse throw blankets
  • Coral and turquoise lacquered trays
  • Energizing clementine and deep violet area rugs

Curate palettes promoting specific uplifting emotions. Display boldest shades in smaller accents, soft furnishings and artwork rounding out with light, neutral backdrops.

Incorporate Graphic Art Deco References

  • Arrange lacquered boxes in dynamic asymmetric formations
  • Alternate black and white photography with signature pops of gold,millennial pink or ruby red
  • Select ikat print upholstery boasting arrows, stars and lines
  • Top a live edge wood credenza with marble and chrome bar cart
  • Illuminate spaces with sunray mirrors and angular sconces

Layer in geometric patterns, sleek finishes, and hints of luxurious metallic for rooms feeling crisply graphic. The structured shapes contrast beautifully against organic textures too.


FAQ About Current Home Décor Trends

What are some of the most popular décor trends right now?

Some major décor trends right include natural materials and colors, multifunctional convertible furniture, modern traditional style bridging old and new, statement lighting fixtures, positive color psychology palettes, and graphic Art Deco geometric shapes and metallic hints.

Do I need to fully redecorate to stay trendy?

Not at all! The great thing about current décor trends is how easy they can be to weave into any existing design with small affordable tweaks like throw pillows, art prints, ceramics for shelves, area rugs and more. Start by identifying your favorite trends then switch out a few key accessories.

How often do home décor trends change?
While some looks quickly fade as short-term fads, others gradually gain traction over many years indicating more staying power. Overall, you will notice the rise of emerging new trending every year or two. But no need to overhaul everything each season – incorporate what resonates.

Which 2023 home décor trend has the most longevity?

At this point, the nature-inspired look seems most likely to retain popularity over the next several years. Organic textures and natural elements reflect core values around sustainability and wellness that show no signs of fading.

Can I mix trendy décor with traditional pieces?

Absolutely! Blending new trendy finds with sentimental vintage furnishings and family heirlooms creates spaces rich with personal history. Modern traditional style does this beautifully. Ensure treasured classics feel fresh by giving them new life throughcreative pairings with of-the-moment accents and colors.

What are easy ways to test out trends without commitment?

Start experimenting with trendy décor details in semi-permanent ways through accents like throw blankets, accent pillows, vases, tabletop objects, wall prints, curtains, rugs and lighting. This allows you to refresh your space and follow new trends without needing to invest in permanent furnishings and major renovations. Have fun with it!

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